Goodbye To Bump Stocks

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“Goodbye To Bump Stocks”

Adapted from the Keith Wood Article/G & A, April 2019


“The Trump Administration Adminstration announced on December 18, 2018, that the DOJ has amended the regulatons of the BATF effectively banning ‘Bump Stocks’. The administraiton made the determination that bump stocks fall within the definition of a “machine gun” under federal law because these devices allow a shooter of a semiautomatic firearm to fire multiple rounds with a single pull of a trigger. It must be noted that numerous state legislatures have also banned these accessories during the 2018 legislative sessions.”

Owners of ‘Bump Stocks’ have 90 days – until March 26, 2019 – to destroy or surrender them. By the time you read this, the deadline may have already passed. The penalty for ownership after that deadline is significant.”

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