ULTIMATE Protection Academy and Indoor Lead Free Tactical Range

Membership Application

The ULTIMATE Protection Academy (UPA) Membership Application package consists of the following pages:

The Application has been set up as an Adobe fillable form. When you open the form in Adobe Acrobat Reader, it will highlight the fields to be completed. Do not fill in any blanks on the Payment Authorization at this time. The fields on the top of the Payment Authorization and Checklist should fill in automatically as you complete the Application.

Complete all fields in the Application that apply. Check the box indicating which Membership Type you desire. If you only desire an Individual Membership, you do not need to complete the “Family Members” section. If you desire a Family Membership, the “Family Members” section should be completed for all family members 21 years of age and older that desire to have full membership privileges, including after-hours access. Lockers are available for Anytime Range™ Members at no charge for founding members.

The Membership Fees differ with the type of Membership. Also, you can change from Individual Membership to Family Membership, or vice versa, by sending an e-mail to the contact listed instructing us to make the change. The change will be effective on the first day of the following month, provided we receive your notice in enough time to implement the change to the recurring monthly payment charge. [email protected]

Please sign the Application and return the entire Application package with a check for the Membership Fee payable to “Ultimate Protection Academy” in the amount of the One Time Initiation Fee and the first year monthly dues paid in full to:

Ultimate Protection Academy, 35965 Groesbeck Hwy. Clinton Twp. MI 48035

You can also bring the completed and signed application to the store during our regular hours.  We will make arrangements for the Club orientation and if necessary, schedule a Beginner Handgun Fundamentals (or equivalent) Class for new members.  At the Club orientation, we will ask you to complete and sign the Payment Authorization for the monthly dues… You will also need to bring evidence of a criminal background check in your recent past. The background check can be done by our staff because UPA is register with the MSP to do criminal background checks; or bring a valid MI Concealed Pistol Permit, a law enforcement ID (if presently employed as law enforcement officer), or a copy of a valid / current criminal background check from an employer. Finally, the applicant must pass a firearm safety and marksmanship qualification administered by one of our range staff. Anytime Range membership applicant must provide a document of a recent (within the last month) drug test as well.

We are excited to have you as a Member ULTIMATE Protection Academy and Range. Your early support of our exemplary vision for the shooting sports, personal protection and community involvement shows that proves that interest in a safe, clean, healthy and comfortable environment for all is increasing in Michigan. Everyone knows that there are countless theme parks in the US but there are only TWO DISNEY THEME PARKS. Based on our exhaustive research, to the best of our knowledge, there are only two Lead Free Commercial Ranges in the nation: and we are number one! Our first class Club/Student Lounge area is comfortable, with Seating Areas, Work Station with an station for computer Interactive Firearm Training Program, and a Kids Table, chairs and Activity Area. It includes attention to detail only found at private clubs.  Your family won’t be disappointed. Anytime Range™ after hours access will give AR Club members an opportunity to use the range based on your schedule, yet, additionally, for your convenience, opportunities to visit our off-site private outdoor 75 yard range. This access, together with all of the other amenities afforded Club members, makes UPA Gun Club a fresh and exciting opportunity for anyone interested in the shooting sports.

Please feel free to forward this Application package to any of your friends or business associates who might also be interested in joining.

Choose from the following download formats:

PDF – Application Coming Soon

WORD – Application Coming Soon