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WEB GUN TRANSFERS as of January 2021*

(Main# for Training ) 586-286-SAFE             (Gun Transfers) 586-322-2477 

Call us before you purchase for details and current transfer fees! 

Also visit us on the web at:


On Line Gun Transfers are convenient, cheaper and customer friendly!
Most Transfers do not have to charge sales tax…for additional savings!
Sample Listing of National Gun Firearm Retailers

*Ultimate Protection Academy is a Federal Firearms License Dealer (FFL) which means we can save you money on the purchase of your handguns and long guns: often no tax required!**.  We would do the paperwork with you and then call the BATF for your background check for approval releasing your gun: resulting making it easy to purchase.

*Buy online from an FFL (out of state to save tax most often) and have it shipped to us upon first UPA approving the type of gun and type of shipping.  Required at time of receiving gun for transfer appointment: 1.copy of Dealer valid FFL, 2. Invoice that states Dealer Letter head on your invoice with your name as buyer with complete address and phone number, 3. the description of the gun and 4. UPA as the receiving FFL.  There may be a fee* for this service; yet you will still SAVE an average of $100-$200 on the purchase of a gun over local gun dealers!

You cannot have a gun delivered to you. Let us help you make the process quick and easy and stress-free, especially during the Covid Pandemic! Appointments are 1 hour apart, individual only, at a separate approved nearby private location, without experiencing those crowded gun ranges or gun shops.  Our transfer fees help support our Free Safety Programs, so when you use us as your FFL, you are helping your community.

Our FFL is Ultimate Protection Academy LLC– Call for details. 586-322-2477 Ask For Instructor Al

*You can purchase on any website and we send them our License after your dealer sends us theirs; if they don’t already have us on file with their company.

*Here are a few out-of-state, gun dealers that our customers have been very pleased with.






There are many other sites on line. This is just a sampling. We do not make $ off the sale of the gun, just charge a  transfer fee. Call for details Before you Buy to determine whether we will receive certain firearms.  Online Dealers DO NOT Determine our Transfer Fees. Save each time you buy online compared to local: and you help support our FREE community safety programs! Fees can be FREE depending on your UPA membership and reduced if you have been a UPA Trainee back to 2020.

Call for details: 586-322-2477

*Supersedes all other Web Gun Transfer Sales

**Supreme Court allows states to collect sales taxes on more online transactions
“The ruling only directly affected South Dakota, which had sought to collect taxes from online retailers with more than $100,000 in annual sales or 200 transactions in the state”……..Richard Wolf, USA TODAY Published 10:23 a.m. ET June 21, 2018 | Updated 3:42 p.m. ET June 21, 2018