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  • I really appreciated working with Mary and Al. They have taken their time with me and been patient as I work towards building my skills. I would say as well- as someone who is fairly liberal- that they are STRONG supporters of the 2nd Amendment so much so that they encouraged the people in my class to get their NRA membership. I believe that they want people who are knowledgeable about guns and gun safety more than they want to protect their bottom line as some reviewers have said on here. They also had past students come in to assist with their classes- which helps in gaining experience and knowledge from more than just a couple of people. It has been good to gain tips from these people as well! I will continue to use the Ultimate Protection Firearm Training Academy for my shooting skills building and would encourage anyone that is interested in responsible gun ownership to consider taking a class here.

    Marie Green
  • Al and Mary are consummate professionals who are great advocates for all gun owners. Thanks so much for your tireless dedication to our rights!

    Thomas Braun
  • I took my CPL course spring of 2016 at U P A with Al & Mary. They are great people and awesome instructors! I have been volunteering at U P A ever since helping were needed during classes and as a RSO. I have known Al & Mary well over a year. Here is what I know about them: They are STRONG supporters of the 2nd amendment and gun rights. Al & Mary worked on getting the original CPL law passed. They provide professional gun safety training. They believe in what they are doing. Great instructors. They provide FFL transfers. They are GOOD people. just a thought: Our great military and police train all the time with firearms so they can be the best when duty calls. As a CPL holder/firearm owner shouldn't you get professional training and train all the time? So you can be your best when duty calls. _MH

    Mark HUETTER
  • I took my first course with Al and Mary over four years ago (CPL). I was new to concealed carry, I did not know what to expect. I spent my life around law enforcement officers. As my uncle was a Detroit Police officer and many of my neighbors were police officers also. So I have had experience with guns, gun ranges and gun safety. I found their instruction invaluable. Their attention to detail was amazing. I learned so much more than expected. Since then I have taken most of the training courses offered by them. My wife and daughter has also taken many training courses too including women's self defense. The courses I have taken are as follows: CPL Draw from the holster Deadly force AR rifle Gun cleaning (both handgun and AR rifle) Getting to Know your gun Handgun retention Taser Plus many private lessons This training has made me a much better target shooter and a expert on safe gun handeling and storage. The range located at 35965 Groesbeck Hwy in Clinton Twp, MI is a state of the art gun range. This is not only a well designed brand new facility in a recently remodeled building, but it is non-toxic or Lead Free. No other ranges in the area are Lead Free. Check that out for yourself on google. I highly recommend this facility for first time gun owners. No only is the instruction top notch but you are in a clean safe training environment that is also environmentally responsible. I believe in this training center and Al and Mary so much that I regularly volunteer at their range as an instructor. So in conclusion I highly recommend this company and Al and Mary for all your firearms training regardless of your skill set. You can always learn more, and this is the best place to do it at.  

    Eric Briskey II
  • The CPL class was informative and the newly built range is excellent. The instructors know the material and deliver it well. I am going to end up attending more training sessions to see the different scenarios and gain more knowledge from the different instructors available.

    Alexander Jentz
  • I took my first class with Al and Mary in January 2014 and have continued to increase my tactical skills with the classes they offer. Al and Mary are definitely pro 2nd amendment supporters and believe that everyone should be properly trained and know how to use a gun in every situation. I'm reading the negative reviews and can say that these people are nothing but trolls trying push their agenda. It is mandatory to have training and carry a license to operate a vehicle because it can be lethal in the hands of an untrained person. The same should hold true for hand guns. Proper gun knowledge and skills are necessary to ensure everyone's safety! At Ultimate Protection Firearms Training and Gun Range, you will get that training and more!!!

    Debra W
  • Alan and Mary are the hardest working people that I know in the firearms training business I've seen it first hand how much they care about the people that they train..... Also the work that they do with the state to fight for our second amendment rights

    Richard Csernai
  • Alan and Mary are the hardest working people that I know in the firearms training business I've seen it first hand how much they care about the people that they train..... Also the work that they do with the state to fight for our second amendment rights  

    Brian Fossee
  • Thank you so much for the wonderful class.

    Brian Fossee
  • Very knowledgeable staff. Great course. Only lead free range I've ever been to. Highly recommend this course!

    Travis Wolschleger