Indoor Lead Free Tactical Range

Woman Owned, Navy Veteran Owned, Financed, Designed and Built solely by Allen and Mary Polkowski, unlike many other indoor ranges in the Detroit Metro Area who had others build their range or financed their range project with multiple investors; utilized two of the best range equipment suppliers/engineers in the business:


Range Systems: known for world-wide law enforcement and military range development, is innovative with the use of sound absorbing, bullet capturing ballistic rubber with a safe, aesthetic shooting environment.


Carey’s Ventilation: HVAC systems to insure the healthiest environment for all our guests with state of the art computer generated ventilation system.  They are also the preferred company for military and law enforcement


Our Tactical Range Advantage: Training down range should NEVER BE ATTEMPTED unless the that range has no higher than 8 foot ceiling with tight ceiling plates next to  each other. Especially in Lead Ranges, the air is not properly vented away from the shooter. Most ranges, for budget purposes only, have proper height at the shooting booth but save money by increasing the gap between ceiling plates as you move down range.  Our is a fully tactical range where the shooter is in an environment that keeps the proper celling 8 foot height all the way down range with tight, together plates which also will keep any negligent rounds in the range, not through the roof!  Next time, look at your regularly attended range celling, walls, floor, shooting stall/ tables, etc.: how healthy and safe is the range you now attend or use for training?


Forget about Range Fees!
Concentrate on your Shooting, not your Watch.

Yes, Shoot for FREE!


Unlike other ranges that charge for limited time then chase you out when time is up or worse yet: have no time for you to shoot when they said they did after traveling a distance to get there (actual testimonials from disappointed shooters of competitors.)….So….


We are the FIRST to offer “NO FEE RANGE TIME”

Free #1. : Both Guntry Club™ and Anytime Range™ members are treated like the professional adults that they are: shoot when you want to, until you are done. Call for details.*

Free #2.: Earn Free Range Time Points whenever you successfully complete any of our fee based training courses. The more points you earn, the more range time you can enjoy!

Free #3.: Earn Free Range Time Points whenever you volunteer for anyone of our multitude of training programs, free community safety presentations or on site events; you obtain points for each hour you volunteer.

Free #4.: Earn Free Range Time Points when you purchase a gun and do transfer with us.


Yes, we are open for everyone, but we may not be for everyone:
Your place for truly safe, healthy, and responsible gun owners and their families!

Range Details:

Live Fire Range

UPA offers a 40 foot indoor and 75 yard** outdoor shooting ranges that are staffed with NRA and UPA Certified Range Firearm Instructors/Range Safety Officers.  We offer an exciting selection of targets, gallery and reactionary shooting target systems for the shooting enthusiast, as well as the most discriminate defensive tactic defender.


Laser and Dry Fire Range

Our Safe Laser Range Area employs up to five Creative Laser Systems designed for Marksmanship, Shooter Interaction/Decision Making Development Skills or just plain fun Shooting Gallery Targets while developing skill at arms. Also, Training Area has the ability to convert/add on to a “DRY FIRE” Range with non-firing Safe Action Dummy Rounds where loading, dry firing and unloading to gain knowledge / skills of safe gun handling are developed.


C.A.S.T. (Confined Area Strategic Training) RANGE

Utilizes safe, non-lethal ammunition with standard handguns/AR-Rifles, this proven training is popular and challenging for law enforcement, military and defense orientated civilians. Reactionary Targets are used for “Reality Based” AKA: “Real World” Training experiences.  Participants learn quickly that decision making actions with your accomplished “Skill At Arms” profiles the participant in truly knowing “what they are made of”.  Experts agree: You will not rise to the occasion, but will fall to your level of training!


*some restrictions apply

**for AR-Club™ members only; off- site, on private land nearby. Call for details.

***In Development, completion ETA summer 2019.

Brand New for 2019!  Laser fire and significant others/Family of members shooting opportunities

Amazing new offers from UPA Range for members, students & walk ins!


Great news! For member who only has a single membership (not family) there is now an exciting opportunity for your significant other or family member living in the same household) to join you on the range! You must be present on the range, age restrictions apply and no training, lessons or introducing new firearms will be allowed. The shooter must be competent both marksmanship and safety with their legally registered handgun.

Sponsor your significant other or family member by having them pay for a .5 hour or 1 hour of range time and will limited to UPA targets and will shoot only at distances that they can continue to hit all rounds into the target (suggest they start close and then be allowed to move the target further back). Range fees are: 1 hour=$18.00 /which includes 10% member discount and .5 hour at $13.50/which includes 10% member discount. Targets, ammunition and any/all accessories are at the normal rate, no other member discounts apply.


Range time is available on a first come, first serve basis after at least four consecutive lessons within a four month period with the last lesson to include the range use qualification safety and marksmanship test. If a student is skilled and desires to ‘place out’ of the 4 lesson requirement, they can have access to range time with only 2 lessons in a 2 month period and successfully complete the required range test; sole determination with be with the UPA RSO or owners.




Please click on images below to enlarge.

Shooting on Steel Targets Range

UPA Range is Handicapped Accessible

‘Walk –Ins’ **

Live Fire / Lase Fire Range Shooting Gallery Simulator/’Walk-Ins’**

Let’s Face It – ‘Walking – into ‘your local Indoor range and shoot ‘Paper Targets’ is Boring! 2019 and UPA takes you to a New Dimension in Recreational and Tactical Marksmanship with the latest trend called “Gamining!” its sweeping the country, so “Get Into The Game – with UPA Range!”

Walk-Ins:  Can have access to the UPA LIVE FIRE Simulation Range or Laser Fire Simulation Range if they purchase UPA Range Ammunition (Live Fire Only) and complete the necessary waivers at the time of registration and successfully complete a safety briefing with an agreement that they will comply with UPA Safety Procedures. If there are safety violations they can be removed without a refund, including but not limited to: safety or damage related at the sole discretion of the UPA RSO or Owners.  Live Fire Fee is: $20.00 per .5 hour and Laser (non-Live, Laser Glock Style Handgun provided) for $15.00 per .5 hour.  All targets required for these events are included and the only ones that are allowed.

*(sponsorship includes, but not limited to: $10.00 [paid at the time of completed session] per occurrence of damage to any/all structure or hardware of the range such as bullets hitting something that is damaged [other than bullets into bullet trap as normally it is designed for] and will be determined by UPA RSO or owners at time of competed range time)

**coming soon!