Fast Facts

What are the days and hours of operation?

Saturdays  10 am – 6 p.m. All other hours are by appointment.


How big is UPA Lead Free Academy & Range?

1.2 acres with 79 convenient & safe parking; 4,000 sq. ft. training center with a 40’ indoor climate controlled lead free range and access to a local/private 75 yard range for AR Club Members.


Are you hiring staff?

The owners are always looking for quality, professional customer friendly people from all walks of life focused on the UPA Community Based/Superior Firearm Training Legacy.


What types of items are for sale at UPA?

Although occasionally members/students will advertise on our community board used firearms, saving customers money with the convenience of personal & efficient guns transfer sales has been the standard that all our competitors seek to emulate to stay in business in the new millennium. Gun Gear is available in our retail, yet, most anything a student needs can be made available at the best possible price.  See “Guns & Gear” in our ‘Drop Down’ Main Menu.


How will the new firearms laws effect the public?

Al & Mary with the effective volunteers of “Mary’s Angels’” Gun Rights & Shooting club are on the forefront of Federal, State and Local legislation/Regulations to best serve the Responsible Gun Owner. Watch our site for future Blog Commentaries/Updates.

Using the Range

What are the range fees?

FREE! Yes, FREE! Please see our Range section of the Main menu.


Can I pay per use of the range, or do I have to purchase a range membership?

No need to purchase membership! There are 3 other ways you can earn free range points. See range fee section in Range Drop Down menu’.


How long is the wait for a lane?

Most ranges have shooters wait for a lane? That’s Neanderthal in customer service!   There is no wait for shooting because you make an appointment that is good for you.


Can I make lane reservations and have a standing weekly time?

Yes. See Membership Menu.


Can I bring friends with me?

With Training Courses and Lessons we always encourage friends to register and participate. Our memberships include options for more others to join at reduced rates and the AR Club Membership can include up to four guest passes annually.


Can I share a shooting lane with someone else?

Yes, yet some restrictions apply. Call for details.


What safety precautions are being taken?

Unlike competitor ranges, UPA owners/instructors are Certified ATI Range Masters, NRA Chief Range Safety Officers & certified in A.R.C. First Aid. UPA Instructors & Range Officers are trained in First Aid.


Is the range Family Friendly?

UPA lead Free Range is the only one of two commercial ranges in the US that are totally Lead Free Exposure, for your family’s health. Also, UPA is the only range that regularly teaches women, families and children programs for the past 23 years. No other metro Detroit Range or CPL/CCW Instructors can meet this high health standard.


Is there a minimum age to shoot?

Youth Rifle Programs start at 9 years and Student parents can & have brought their children as young as 8 years.


What types and calibers of firearms can be shot in the range?

All Defensive Handgun, .22 LR, Rifle & 12 gauge Shot Slug rounds that are, of course, all Lead Free Exposure Ammunition.


What ammunition is allowed?

Competitively priced ammunition that is lead Free Exposure are Federal Syntec, Winchester Win/Super Clean, Remington Leadless, Polycase/Inceptor, CCI Copper 22, Wincshester 22 Tin, ICC or Ruag Frangible are just a few examples.


Can I bring my own ammunition, or do I have to buy my ammunition at the range?

You can bring your own ammo for inspection to confirm it meets Lead Free standards or is as listed above.


Can I pick up my brass from the range?

Yes, but only yours with permission.


Can I draw from a holster in the range?

Only if you have successfully completed UPA Holster 1, 2, and 3 of the 4 Levels.


Can I shoot double taps or rapid fire in the range?

Only as directed in Training


Do you have rental firearms?

Yes, for Members & Students.


Do you have range safety officers?



How many shooting lanes are there and how long are they?

Indoor Range has 5 comfortable lanes with one Handicapped Accessible. The length of the total range is 40 feet and the outdoor range is 75 yards (off site)


What kind of target system do you have?

For customer convenience, a simple & virtually malfunction free toggle switch retrieval system.


Do you have a tactical range?

Yes, the only one of two Lead Free Range ranges in US & Tactically Built for proper air Flow for Shooters when down range. Special design & extra expense has been incorporated into the best range facility for defensive downrange training in the area.


Do you have leagues?

Yes, the only Women’s Shooting Club for 23 years & watch for fall Leagues on Site!


Do you have IDPA or IPSC shooting?

Yes, available to AR Club members at our private outdoor range.

Range Memberships

Who is eligible for Guntry Club or Anytime Range Membership?

Anyone Person over the age of 21 or family member who is sponsored by an adult who can pass a background check, on range safety check & marksmanship competency test. AR Members must pass additional Drug Test. Background test can be done at UPA range.


How and when are the membership fees paid?

Can be paid monthly, yearly for discount. Interest free loan applications for the one time only initiation fee


Are any discounts available for memberships?

Yes, for active & veteran military personnel & active Reserve/Auxiliary Law Enforcement Officers.


What memberships are available and what are the costs?

See membership details at main Menu.

Anytime Range Club Memberships

What is Anytime Range Club?

Exclusivity has its privileges: we are the only commercial range that allows elite members to shoot 24/7 with a fully automated lighting, ventilation & range equipment, member lounge, free refreshments, Wi-Fi, clerical work desks, interactive computer firearm related program stations & up to 4 visits monthly at the outdoor range. (Restrictions apply)


Is a Anytime Range Club membership transferrable?



How long does the Anytime Range Club membership last?

Non-Expiring as long as member is good standing & current on monthly payments.


How and when are monthly dues paid?

Call for details, but the most popular are monthly CC debit or yearly paid in full for discount.

Guns & Gear

What do you sell in your Guns & Gear Retail?

The most common equipment or ammunition for firearm related activities.


How can I get discounts on firearms?

Be a frequent transferee of out state firearms using our FFL License. The more you buy, the lower your transfer fee is.


What is your firearm Transfer fee?

Without discount, $40.00 per firearm transfer from out state/ in state purchase from third party FFL dealer. Also, fee applies to shipping or receiving of used firearms from other FFL dealers.

Training Academy

What type of training is offered?

We currently have over 18 different training courses offered and are adding more all the time. See Training Menu


Do you have instructors for private training?

We are the only range that regularly offers & makes our range available to: individuals, couples or small groups that either want private instruction with other shooters in the range or book the entire range with the instructor for total privacy.


How will the new firearms laws effect the public?

Constitutional passed the State House last May & pro-gun groups falsely stated that CPL permit training would increase if it became law after final passage.  Al & Mary Polkowksi correctly predicted with concreate data that permit required safety classes would in fact decline. Proving the Polkowskis right again, the largest gun rights group in Michigan printed facts that the following after the carry concealed without permit passed in the house, CCW permit classes DELCLINED FOR THE FOLLOWING THREE MONTHS. CLEARLY PEOPLE THOUGHT IT WOULD BE SIGNED INTO LAW & FELT THEY WOULD HOLD OFF TAKING VALUABLE TRAINING IF WAS NOT TO BE MANDATORY ANYMORE! Experts & Citizens agree, carrying a gun in public for defense without continued training with qualification results in a dangerous false sense of competency can result in tragedy! You never rise to the occasion, you will always fall to your level of training!


Is there a play area for my children?

Yes, the member & student lounge area has a craft table with youth chairs with activities for elementary aged children.


Is there a way I can volunteer time to get a membership?

Yes, Check with our staff as there are many opportunities to volunteer, especially for our many free family/children programs.


Do you have a gunsmith available on site?

No, however, we have two that that are very competent, we have used & contact information is available. Call for info.


Do you have gun cleaning on site?

AR Club members not only have access to lockers but access to a gun cleaning area during business hours for personal firearms.