Instructors Allen and Mary Polkowski have touched the hearts and minds of countless individuals and organizations in their tireless efforts to teach, guide, and inform men, women and children of all backgrounds in improving their understanding and awareness of personal safety.

Listing of UPA Training Classes

For questions about our classes, contact [email protected] 

Two multi-purpose training rooms:

  • Large room for classroom with projector, laptop and state of the art sound system which can be converted to all gym matt work out room for defensive tactics and hand to hand self-defense.
  • Smaller auxiliary room for gun cleaning classes, laser training, instructional specialized presentations.
  • Either or both can be part of a range facility rental for larger private groups accommodating up to 45 persons.

Our 40’ range has five shooting lanes with a simple, easy to use, error free toggle switch for target retrieval; unlike some ranges that have computer controlled, malfunction prone keypads. (Who hasn’t had computer problems?) The shooting booth includes bench and shelf for your accessories and bags to eliminate the tendency for shooters, at other ranges,  to walk out of their booth ‘gun in hand’ to access equipment or personal belongings. The range also has convenient coat hooks along the wall behind the shooters, trash receptacle, fire extinguisher and bright, “State of the Art” engineered multifunctional training lighting system.

The range is divided into two sections: recreational and tactical down range. Having this capability significantly expands the type of training and instruction that can take place in this range, for law enforcement, military and civilian training. It will also facilitate league and other competitive activities that are not possible in a fixed firing line range. Most importantly, it is the only range that is legitimately not exposing the ‘Down Range’ Trainee/Instructors to Toxic Lead Particles as the range is Totally Lead Free Exposure. Not Convinced? When did you see the Lead Level Report of all surfaces at your local range by a “Certified Lead Abatement Specialist”?

Your comfort, health and safety are our first priority. With this in mind, we have a custom designed, climate controlled ventilation system that will keep the particulates and gas from your discharging firearm moving downrange at all times, keeping you clean and comfortable. HEPA filters keep discharged air to the outside air cleaner than what was drawn in. Our range ventilation system is designed to meet all applicable EPA, OSHA and NIOSH air quality standards. We are the first commercial indoor range to have a climate-controlled ventilation system in Michigan, and possibly the nation, that is used only for Lead-Free Exposure Ammunition.

Range Rules


  • Keep your firearm pointed downrange “At All times”
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot: “On Target, On Trigger;  Off Target, Off Trigger!”
  • Keep your firearm unloaded until ready to use:  Action must be Locked open, magazine removed & placed on bench with left side of gun touching bench
  • Shoot at the target on your lane
  • Follow instructions from the Range Safety Officer when on duty or when directed as needed
  • Act responsibly, no horseplay or inappropriate behavior
  • Clean up your stall area after eating / drinking on the range and place brass into approved buckets at your stall
  • Wear wrap-around eye and over-the- ear protection at all times entering, exiting and all times on range



  • Load or unload firearms behind the firing line
  • Handle loaded firearms behind the firing line
  • Leave your firearm unattended
  • Shoot or draw from the holster, unless shooter has successfully completed Holster Courses 1, 2, & 3
  • Have more than one shooter in the shooting stall (Max one shooter and one for assistance)
  • Use aluminum cased, steel cased, steel core, incendiary, tracer or green tip ammunition, or any ammunition not UPA approved as Lead-Free or Lead- Free Exposure
  • Use buckshot or birdshot in shot guns (Lead-Free/Approved Slugs Only!)


Cease Fire:

  • Stop shooting IMMEDIATELY
  • Keep firearm pointed down range with finger off trigger high on slide or revolver frame
  • Wait for instructions from a Range Safety Officer


Malfunctions & Jams:

  • Properly case firearm “as is” and seek assistance from UPA staff

All instructions from Range Safety Officers Must Be Followed




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Instructor and Owner Mary demonstrating the S.I.R.T. Laser Gun Training Technique
Instructor and Owner ‘Mary’ demonstrating the S.I.R.T. Laser Gun Training Technique {Mary is a Certified S.I.R.T. Laser Instructor from 2013}

Why Newbold Targets?

UPA Range is one of the first ranges in the US to incorporate the now legendary ‘NEW BOLD TARGET SYSTEM PRODUCTS” into range training and exciting shooting experiences. Our recent investment of hundreds of dollars into a complete new set of New Bold Targets brings a new dimension into recreational and skill building shooting fun. Unlike the injuries we so often would witness when other inexperienced ranges would use the old fashion “Bowling Pins” for shooting events causing ricochet bullet fragments dispersing into uncontrollable directions (usually at the shooter), these targets are completely void of any potential splash back if used properly.

Often advertised as an alternative to shooting steel targets, however, we have invested in “the best quality Steel Targets Money can buy: “Action Target Steel” and exclusively shoot this steel ONLY with non-toxic frangible ammunition. Therefore, we can and do shoot within inches of the steel with no safety concerns. But keep in mind, we are certified “Shooting on Steel Instructors”; certified on the proper use of training with steel targets. [see more about shooting on steel courses in the ‘Training’ Section of this Web site]

At UPA range we take you to a new dimension away from the Neanderthal, archaic boring linier experience of “SHOOTING ON PAPER’ so now join us for some real action! Let’s take a look at the revolutionary innovation UPA range which has been at the forefront of all things shooting : “New Bold Targets”  since 1996.



A summary in the company’s own words: (from the web site:

“Newbold Targets give today‘s shooters a logical alternative to paper and steel targets. Shooters everywhere, whether law enforcement trainers or weekend plinkers, seem to want lots of action.

Conventional targets offer little in the way of non-stop action. You can shoot paper and raise your scope or field glasses to see your hits or… you can shoot steel and hear your hits—but indoors or out, steel can be dangerous—it can splatter and ricochet bullets back to yourself and spectators. They rust, often have sharp edges and a rack of steel targets can be very heavy. Plus, if you have to walk down-range every few minutes to reset your targets… that kind-of takes the fun out of it…

Enter Newbold… we were the first to introduce reactive elastomer targets. When our specially formulated ElastiMAX™ material takes a hit, the bullet passes through without breaking up—the bullet doesn’t splatter. And as the bullet passes through, enough energy is applied to the target to knock it around, flip it back-and-forth or knock it down. Our L-Series™ and HangTuff™ targets need no resetting and the K-D Pivot™ (knock-down/stay-down) targets can be reset with a string or you can reset them manually.

By far, the most impressive thing about Newbold targets is that they take the hits. An 8″ diameter L-Series™ target can take over 1,000 hits with .45 caliber roundnose bullets.

Newbold is providing shooters worldwide with exciting new target alternatives to paper and steel. For young and old, beginner and expert, Newbold Targets spark renewed interest in reactive target shooting. They are currently being used in law enforcement training throughout the U.S., …”