One on One Private Training
 per session Any Skill Level
Age: 9+
Length: 1.5 hours

One on One Private Training
Beginner and Advanced Shooters! Personal Training with an instructor who will tailor the training session to your needs and level of knowledge. This lesson is for you! New to shooting? Not happy with your shooting ability and end result on the target. Did you just buy a new gun? Are you looking to sharpen your skills or just a bit rusty? These lessons are also designed to get you ready to take our Michigan CCW/CPL Training Classes and get comfortable with all of the fundamentals of shooting and marksmanship. Guns, eye and ear protection and range fees included. Whether you are a new shooter or have been enjoying the sport for decades, a one on one session with one of our UPA Firearms Instructors might be just the thing for you. Perhaps when you first learned how to shoot you developed bad habits. Once formed these can take years from which to recover, and over a period of time, as with any skill, we can forget the basics from which we built our foundation. If you have forgotten the basics or never learned them with the knowledge of a competent instructor we can help you build a good foundation to be a great shooter. At Ultimate Protection Range we are equipped to provide our customers with one on one tutoring for every level of experience. Scheduling is easy and can be tailored to your schedule by appointment. Sessions are designed to keep your attention span keep it exciting and challenging so that you can make the most progress. We have found that the student retains more in a shorter session followed by homework the instructor will give you. We will provide eye and ear protection, range fees and Personal Trainer. Your instructor can help you make informed decisions about these accessories as well. Don’t put it off any longer, call Ultimate Protection Range today. You have great hidden potential in the shooting sports, don’t delay let us help you to succeed.
Can be booked with other shooters on the range or student can book entire range.
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