MI Concealed Carry Classes – Review Applicants

Age: 21+
Length: 4 Hours which includes range time

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MI Concealed Carry Classes – Review Applicants
Michigan Certified and meets and exceeds legal requirements:
CCW / CPL Class –“The original” that others copy for Michigan Concealed Carry Classes-since 1995!
Valid for ALL 83 Michigan counties!
Classroom and Range- no need to travel to a range.
This 4 hour class meets and exceeds Michigan Law since law went into effect in 2001.
3 hour classwork topics include: safe storage, ammunition knowledge, shooting positions, firearm fundamentals, firearm laws of Michigan, civil liability issues, ownership, possession, use of deadly force, strategies for home protection, responding to a violent confrontation, and selection of a handgun. Ultimate has been in business for 0ver 26 years and we have our own building, huge parking lot, everything is done at one location with 4000 square foot building and beautiful new state of the art Lead Free Range. Only 1 of 2 in the entire United States well lit and awesome! You’ll see we paid attention to detail when we built this beautiful tactical range.

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Mary and Al Polkowski UPA Owners, Instructors
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CCW – Review Applicants




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CPL / CCW Class