Handgun Lessons: Small to Large Group Sessions/Beginner to Advanced
Length: 1.5 hours
Small Group Instruction

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Handgun Session – Beginner through Advanced Shooter
No Gun? No problem 🙂 We can supply everything you need

Learn how to shoot and if you have been shooting, improve your shooting skills. Many people go to a range and learn improper habits and can be injured if on their own. You need an experienced professional instructor. Learn fundamentals, marksmanship, proper safe gun handling, also this session will help you fit a gun to you hand and your needs in handgun selection. Make the right choices in purchasing and we can save you average of $200 when you buy a gun by buying online.

Customized Personalized Lesson: We can give you A custom lesson. with an instructor for handgun. Includes gun/eye/ear protection use, range fees and professional instructor.




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