Family Fun Full Auto AR-15 Style Rifle Class
Cost: : $39.99 per session
Age: Family (Ages 9-90)
1.5 hours

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Family Fun Full Auto AR-15 Style Rifle Class
Get the kids off the couch and into the game ! Shooting a style of the AR 15 rifle semi/auto fire modes. Fueled by 2 12-gram CO2 cartridges. Red dot sight. Expert professional instructors for safety the entire session. Dive into full-auto tactical action with the Crosman DPMS SBR!

Here at UPA, it Is not only important for us to encourage our youth in the community to leave the “At Home” wasteful, captivating video game environment and get into fun, family activities, but don’t forget , this rifle (Lead Free BB Full Auto/Crossman DPMS-SBR) excites adults as well! Hey Kids!, let’s leave the couch and really experience the video game experience at a shooting range where families can “Live the Game” and not just be a spectator!

Interestingly, our manager’s husband is an active US Army (Airborne) Recruiter and would be concluding this class with an inspirational guest appearance encouraging young people to be part of the US Forces through High School /College ROTC Enrollment and possibly serving our nation . No place can these families get such a well-rounded, positive educational experience in the comfort of a Healthy (Lead Free) range during inclement weather.

Under the professional and experienced supervision of Military, Law Enforcement and Certified Range Safety Officers, all will learn firearm safe handling, marksmanship and proper on range safety commands. But most of all, a totally fabulous fun day of full Auto Fire with families competing to be the best on target utilizing standard bullseye and friendly Zombie Targets!

All equipment is included with at least 50 rounds of ammunition fired on range and a brief in class room safety operational briefing. A True “Hands ON” experience for people of any experience level aged 9 years and up!

Over 1400 rounds per minute!

  • Blowback action
  • Adjustable 6 position butt stock
  • AR pistol grip
  • Quad Rail forearm
  • Unique muzzle end cap
  • 25 round drop-out magazine
  • Flip up back up iron sights (BUIS)
  • Angled foregrip
  • Realistic weight and functions

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Al Polkowski UPA Owner, Instructor
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Family Fun Full Auto AR-15: AR-15 Style Gun: Dive into full-auto tactical action with the Crosman DPMS SBR!