Beginner AR-15/AK Fundamentals Basic

Age: 18+
Each level is 2-3 hours

Beginner AR-15 Fundamentals I & II
The Beginner AR-15 Fundamentals course is designed for anyone wishing to learn more about the AR-15 platform. Whether you are thinking of making your first AR-15 purchase or you have been training with them for years, these are classes for you. In these classes you will learn about the history of the AR-15, characteristics, nomenclature, disassembly, assembly, preventive maintenance, cleaning and inspection, sights and adjustments, and optics and accessories. You are required to bring your personal cleaning kit, safety glasses, cleaning mat and note taking material. There will be a live-fire practical application in this course for sight in at 25 yards in level II. You can bring your own AR or rent one from UPA with prior arrangements.
Topics covered:
• History of the AR-15
• Parts and cycle of operation
• Disassembly and reassembly
• Cleaning and maintenance
• Shooting fundamentals
Required Materials:
• 20 rounds of ammunition Lead Free (can be purchased at range)
• AR-15 rifle (yours or rent ours)  Call us if you need to rent our AR SEVERAL DAYS BEFORE THE CLASS
Registration and prepayment is required. If you prefer to register in person, please visit the store and see a sales associate.
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Major Roel Manaius, Army Veteran/Ranger
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Live fire on range in AR-15 Level II, sighting in adjustment for 25 yards from the bench