Basic Introduction to the Shooting Sports
Age: 9 and UP 
1 1/2  Hour Class

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Basic Introduction to the Shooting Sports
New to the Shooting Sports or have a fear of loud noise and the shock of loud of gunfire? Well, this class is for you! By popular demand and not offered anywhere in Michigan: our compressed air propelled Lead Free BB/Pellet Air Pistols or revolvers class puts a student’s fear, trepidation, anxiety and noise paranoid inhibitions to rest with the uniquely UPA virtually no noise, all fun shooting experience, in a safe/healthy environment on our perfectly sized training range. So low in volume that no hearing protection is needed, only eye protection, which is especially suited for brand new or fearful youths or adults that need to overcome the noise or uncomfortable feeling of that ‘closed in’ feeling of being at a shooting range.
Since ear plugs, with their inadequacy of hearing protection, (plugs are only recommended in addition to but never instead of full wrap around high decibel reduction rating ear muffs), are NEVER recommended by UPA alone; it is really cool to be on a “Real Range” with no other ‘firearms’ but our extremely low decibel airguns. All our air guns function just like the actual firearms they represent, and some are the same size, weight, and feel of “Real Firearms”.

All targets, air guns, Lead Free BBs/Pellets, eye protection and instruction are provided.
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Mary or Al Polkowski UPA Owners, Instructor
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Basic Intro to the Shooting Sports

Adjunct Instructor Roel teaches the ‘Dry fire with Dummy Rounds” Exercise