Concealed Carry Weapons Training


Training Description

     Here you will find detailed descriptions of all of the programs that we offer here at Ultimate Protection Academy. If you still cannot decide on what training is right for you feel free to call us anytime at 586-286-SAFE. We try our best to answer any question you may have about Ultimate Protection Academy and the Michigan CPL.

Refuse to be a Victim

This NRA sponsored course gives you the tools that you need to prepare your personal safety strategy. The course includes information about the psychology of criminal predators, home security, phone security, automobile security, personal protection devices, internet fraud, identity theft, physical security, and firearms. The course covers hundreds of different personal safety strategies for women and men.
  • The Psychology of Criminal Predators:
    • Understanding and avoiding violent crimes against women
  • Home Security
    • Strangers
    • Visitors
    • Lighting
    • Locks and Keys
    • Alarm Systems
    • Dogs and their Training
  • Phone Security
    • Protecting Private Information
    • Answering Machines
    • Cellular Phones
    • Phone Scams
  • Automobile Security
    • Carjackings
    • Accidents
    • Alarms
    • Parking Lots
    • Gas Station Safety
    • The Car as a Defensive Tool
    • Internet Fraud
    • Identity Theft and what to do to prevent it
�������������������������     And much, much more!
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