Concealed Carry Weapons Training


Training Description

     Here you will find detailed descriptions of all of the programs that we offer here at Ultimate Protection Academy. If you still cannot decide on what training is right for you feel free to call us anytime at 586-286-SAFE. We try our best to answer any question you may have about Ultimate Protection Academy and the Michigan CPL.

Level 4 - Steel Challenge
      Steel Challenge is an opportunity to shoot with special frangible ammunition at reactive steel targets. This class provides practice in the tactical employment of the handgun. Completion of a CCW/CPL class with copy of certificate is required. To our knowledge, we are the only training academy that offers and owns this type of steel target which allows you to shoot indoors, upclose, safely and in a climate controlled range. Focus is placed on the practical use of the defensive handgun. You will learn defensive shooting positions:
  • Standing
  • Kneeling
  • One hand strong
  • Support hand
  • Shooting around barricades
  • Shooting behind cover
  • Stress and quick reloading
You will also learn the four step draws for holster drills and learn what your body goes through when you are faced with a life threatening situation.
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