Concealed Carry Weapons Training


Training Description

     Here you will find detailed descriptions of all of the programs that we offer here at Ultimate Protection Academy. If you still cannot decide on what training is right for you feel free to call us anytime at 586-286-SAFE. We try our best to answer any question you may have about Ultimate Protection Academy and the Michigan CPL.

Level 3 - Carry/Holster Training-Beyond your CCW Permit
      A Basic Firearm Safety Course Certificate is required as a pre-requisite. This course covers the strategies and defenses involved in a real life armed confrontation. It will cover:
  • Ten Defensive Shooting Positions
  • Four Step Holster Draw
  • Protection from Attackers
  • Protection from Multiple Attackers Test
  • Stress and Quick Reloading
����� Skills will be refined by the use of moving targets and target drills for stopping potentially life threatening encounters. Includes 3 D Targets and Steel Dueling Tree.
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