Concealed Carry Weapons Training


Training Description

     Here you will find detailed descriptions of all of the programs that we offer here at Ultimate Protection Academy. If you still cannot decide on what training is right for you feel free to call us anytime at 586-286-SAFE. We try our best to answer any question you may have about Ultimate Protection Academy and the Michigan CPL.

Level 1 - Basic Handgun Orientation

      This course is designed for those that are either new to the concepts of handguns, or don't believe that they have obtained enough knowledge to consider themselves safe with a firearm. Topics covered include:

  • Video Handgun Fundamentals & Marksmanship
  • Safe Firearms Ownership
  • Handgun & Ammunition Selection
  • Marksmanship Basics
  • Firearms Maintenance
����� Feel free to bring your cased and unloaded handgun if you have one. We will show you how to safely load, fire and unload your handgun using non-firing dummy rounds. However, you do not need to own a handgun for this class. Call for details. Look at our schedule or call us to set up an appointment.
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