Concealed Carry Weapons Training

Free Tips

Keep yourself safe

      Here you can find free tips pertaining to some information you may not be aware of. If you would like to be able to receive more information please contact us regarding our membership system. We can send you weekly updates of what is going on with things like: Michigan gun law, new events we are hosting, or special discounts.

Keep information safe

          Never give personal information over the phone to anyone whom you have not called, and always be sure of to whom you are speaking with.

Protect your wallet

         Only carry the credit cards that you need to use in your wallet.

Rental Cars

          If you rent a car, destroy your copy of the rental agreement when you return the car.

Mail Address

         Consider using a post office box rather than having mail delivered to your home.

Lock your mailbox

        If you don't use a post office box, use a locked mailbox at your home.

Take our Refuse to be a Victim Class on April 26th for hundreds of tips for your personal safety! Call to register!

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