Concealed Carry Weapons Training


Personal Safety is Every Day

     The safety of you and your family should be the most important priority in your life. More than 70% of men and women at some point in their lives will encounter a situation where their personal safety will be at serious risk. Will you know how to react and what to do?
      You are faced with many different situations throughout the day that involve your personal safety. For example: you lock your house when you go to work, and lock you car when you park at the grocery store. You put your wallet in your pocket and your money and keys in your purse. These are decisions that affect your personal safety. You do these things every day, and whether you realize it or not you might be vulnerable to being attacked or assaulted because of the manner in which you do these things. Can you avoid being attacked or assaulted? Yes! Take our Refuse to be a Victim class on April 26th. Get more information on our Programs page. Call to register! 586-286-7233

Proactive vs. Reactive

      You have a choice when it comes to your own personal safety. You can choose to take it into your own hands or let someone choose it for you. Deciding on the latter of the two is not a wise choice. There are many steps you can take to avoid becoming the victim of an assault. Awareness is the first step in not becoming a victim. What do you look for? How do you avoid being the target of a would be predator? Do you even know who the predator may be?

Taking Action

      Individuals become targets of predators because they simply choose to do nothing or they do not know how to avoid the situation. We can change that. We offer several courses to help you to become more aware of your surroundings and how they affect your safety. These will also help you become aware of the safety of your family and your children. Our instructors have years of experience in the field of personal safety, firearm safety, and self defense. We can teach you how to protect yourself and avoid serious threats to you and your family; and if you are threatened, how to react to avoid serious injury. Our programs are designed with you in mind. Don't you think you owe it to yourself to make your personal safety your number one priority?

Your Constitutional Right

If you choose to exercise your constitutional right to own a firearm then we will help you to do that safely and responsibly. Please take some time and review the material and courses on our site. You will be glad that you did because your safety could depend on it.

The Second Amendment

     A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed. United States Constitution Ratified 1791

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