Concealed Carry Weapons Training

About Us


     Instructors Allen and Mary Polkowski have touched the hearts and minds of countless individuals and organizations in their tireless efforts to teach, guide, and inform men, women and children of all backgrounds in improving their understanding and awareness of personal safety.

They have shared their extensive training with many different groups including:

  • Women's Organizations
  • Neighborhood Clubs
  • Children's Accident/Anti-Abduction Prevention
  • Fund Raising activities for local charities
  • Law Enforcement Trainer's Associations
  • Senior Groups
  • Businesses offering classes to employees

Classes Available To Meet Everyone's Needs

     Ultimate Protection Firearms Academy offers a wide variety of training to meet everyone's needs whether you are a begginner with a firearm, or you are very experienced with your firearm, but want to further your training and personal protection in the home. We're only a phone call away! Let us help you to be the best shooter you can be and to be prepared to protect yourself in a violent confrontation.

     Just click the Programs link above to view an in depth description of all training courses we offer. Our descriptions will help you decide on what training is right for you. If you are unsure of the type of training you would like, feel free to give us a call at 586-286-SAFE (7233)

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